Help with portfolio pictures

This is my portfolio. I have worked on it for hours. I am using Google, YouTube, and the FCC website for help. I cannot format my picture and I do not know how to add my projects in a thumbnail. Can someone point me to a site that can help? Thanks


You may find this website useful. Here’s a link about image manipulation using Bootstrap framework. (You have Bootstrap installed on your CodePen so it should work).

Thank you. That is the website I used to get to this point. I used their information to style my pictures but it isn’t working.

You are using the version 4 of Bootstrap.
(you can check it under Settings)

In v4 the equivalent of img-responsive has become:

Alternatively you can simply give your image a
max-width: 100% and height: auto since at the end of the day that’s what BS CSS add for you :slight_smile:

To conclude I suggest you to use the v3.3.7 since is the one taught here on FCC and on many resources.
Here’s the link to enter:

I’ll leave you the CDN resource in case you want to add the JS plugin as well for v3.3.7.

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That is what I needed! Thank you.