Img-responsive not working for my Portfolio Project

Hi absolute awesome legends. I am having heaps of trouble getting the image on this to resize automatically using the img-responsive class. I am a beginner, I’m hoping someone who knows what they’re looking at can see quickly what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for your time (ps please ignore the styling, its early days)

The issue seems to be related to the version of Bootstrap that is automatically added. The latest version uses slightly different classes. Try and use an older version for example this:

Or use img-fluid class for responsive images in Bootstrap 4 (the one you’re currently using)


This solve my problem too, thanks for noticing the bootstrap version! :slight_smile:

@akto for future reference. If you use Bootstrap 4 and something doesn’t work, check this site :wink:


przemoo83 you’ve renewed my faith in learning to code. thank you kindly

Thanks @przemoo83! That sorted it all out for me.