Not able to make the image responsive


I have designed the Tribute page but while trying to make the image responsive, img-responsive class is not working at all.

Link to my tribute page -

Here’s little briefing - I tried using figure and figcaption tags to add caption to the images. Though caption is perfectly responsive, however, the image is not. Please let me know how to make it work.

You’re using version 4 of Bootstrap which img-responsive has been replaced with img-fluid

You are using Bootstrap version 4 cdn and in version of Bootstrap 4 , it replaced img-fluid instead of img-responsive in Bootstrap 3 .

Just change the code and it will work.
<img class="img-fluid main-image" src="">

And Here is the original link of Bootstrap . You can read there too .

Thanks a lot. It worked :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. Never ever thought I would get the reply with 4-5 minutes :slight_smile: