Help with react error


please help. im having trouble with this react error,
please see images of my code below:

Not seeing more code, or the whole directory, this is a (somewhat educated) guess: You are not importing store correctly from the proper directory in another file.

Looks like you created the store.js outside the the src directory.

it is imported correctly in app.js. see updated 3rd image

its is inside src directory

It looks like store.js is not in the same directory as app.js. It appears to be up one directory so it may need to be

import Store from "../store"



Hard to say without seeing the whole directory but the first looks right.

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In line 5 you import Store. Elsewhere, you refer to store. But the import path should be ../store - and still the case issue.

Thanks got it sorted. I was looking at a copy of the folder so that’s why I thought store was in the src folder. Small mistakes hey