Help with Regular Expressions

Hi all!
I need a bit of help with regular expressions. Does anyone know a good source where I can understand it a bit deeper? Although I usually find useful the MDN documentation, not in this case. My problem is, that when I for example solve a problem in Codewars, and then I look at other peoples solution, sometimes they use regex, and I can’t always figure out how they solved the problem. I understand the most basic stuff, but can’t put together a bit more complicated one. So, if you know about a good video, course, tutorial, or anything that can help, please throw it my way, that would be a great help.
Thank you!

Hi, @gsim2345.
There’s the chapter about regex from Eloquent JavaScript,, and

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I really like because it lets you run mini unit tests against your regex and gives nice explanations of what’s going on. There’s lots of regex sites with live matching, but this one seems to be the best I’ve seen, so it’s worth checking out and digging through their features :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll check them out!

Thank you so much, that sounds very promising!

I am also studying for regex i thought this is difficult one but still studying for it this expressions are using for php queries and javascript I also studying for and some details get other regex related website it all are very useful one above all thank you for sharing this. it very helpful for my studies thank you one and all.

Thank you, this looks like just the thing I need. I don’t have python installed, but I can set up Cloud9.
Thanks again!

There are many resources for learning Regular Expressions. Google is your friend in this, but the tutorial at is decent enough.

They are used in many programming languages and many utilities in the Unix, Linux, and MacOS operating systems world make heavy use of them. All programmers should master them, at least to a certain extent, because they can do in a single line what would normally require a lot of program code.