Learning Regular Expressions

I love JavaScript but Regular Expressions feel like a totally different language in itself. What has helped you understand RegExp?

Sites like THIS are really helpful. they let you see what you are currently matching with your expression, give you a little cheat sheet to reference, etc.

And nothing beats good old fashion practice :cowboy_hat_face:

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I used this site as well. It helped me alot. https://regexone.com/

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@Swoodend @laddeyboy Thanks, you two! I’ll definitely check those out :slight_smile:

Regular expressions are not unique to JavaScript, but they are a very useful tool at our disposal.
As others above have mentioned, there are many sites to help you.
These three come to mind:

regexone as already mentioned. Great hands on tutorial!

regex101 is a nice sandbox to play around with regular expressions.

regexr this one is my favourite but somehow doesn’t seem to work in some browsers.

Of course MDN offers an excellent guide for how regular expressions work.

Good luck!

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I had trouble with Regex during the javascript challenges until it clicked that I shouldn’t put quotes around the expression, for some reason I was totally blind to it.

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Interestingly enough there’s a relatively new guide to regex in the P1xt guides … some of the links might/are duplicated in this thread but you might want to follow this one as it develops…