Help with text positioning

Trying to get my links in the blue border. I don’t necessarily want to use buttons. How would I position these?

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I think the blue background is for the jumbotron bootstrap element. Your buttons are sitting on top of the bootstrap element and do not have a background color of the body. Move your buttons inside of the jumbotron and see what happens.

I did move them inside the Jumbotron but they were sitting next to my logo

I think if you put your four buttons in a div inside of the jumbotron and give a margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto. Then that div will sit on top of other elements and they will be inline and centered. I think you must set the display for that div to inline too.

O.K. I opened another ‘fork’ off of your pen. I have no idea what I am doing with the codepen editor. But, the border property for your jumbtron is the actual border and not a background color. So the buttons cannot sit on the border. Put the buttons in their own div inside of the jumbtron and give the div its own background color #29ABE2.

So how do I share the fork that I made back with you?

I have no idea, lol. I’m pretty new to this codepen stuff

I kinda have it now… Just need to make the blue div bigger and push it to the top.

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