Super stuck on profile website

Im trying to correctly place a jumbotron i have on my profile page so as to only show the main title page when someone visits the website.

you’ll understand when you see it, i can lower the jumbotron by playing around with the margin, and while that may work it makes the jumbotron unresponsive when reducing screen size.

any help would be appreciated! thank you

Alex, I recommend you post this topic in Free Code Camp > Front End Development section of the forum. This will allow your topic to receive answers and help that correspond with your issue.

The Front End Development section is located here:

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By the way, thats not a bad start! I looked at your pen, what exactly are you trying to change about the jumbotron?

Just a few things I noticed (I just scanned your code, so there could be more, but it’s a start):

  1. You should put your tag at the end

  2. From bootstrap doc: To make the jumbotron full width, and without rounded corners, place it outside all .containers and instead add a .container within.

  3. I noticed you placed the backgounr image in the body, but I have the impression you want it in the jumbotron, if so just copy-paste it there.

Good luck!

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@michaelhenderson Added the Front End Help subcategory to this post. Thanks for bringing that up!

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@theflametrooper no problem! Always glad to help.

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