Jumbotron Full Width - I Need some help

Hi ! Well, i’m finishing my portfolio page challenge but, im having some issues when it comes to give my last jumbotron a full width property.

I tried it diferent ways, .jumbotron inside a .container and .container inside jumbotron.

I also tried to choose an especific height and width but it doesn’t seem to work anyway.

I’ve read some posts but none of them have a solution for this especific issue. Am i missing something??

As you can see im only working with HTML CSS and Bootstrap… Wil i need any JS ? or maybe is something very simple and i just can’t figure it out.

This is how my page looks and the red border is the size i want for the jumbotron…

And, by the way this is my first post so… if you think i should ask for help in a diferent way let me know, i’ll appreciate a feedback guys.

Thanks a lot!

Hi :slight_smile:

Could you give a link to your pen ?

Also I’m not sure about that but try .container-fluid instead of .container : Bootstrap container

Hi there ! thanks here is the link https://codepen.io/SDPDuraes/pen/GvZeQy

about the container fluid already tried and nothing…:frowning:

Ok, I got it :smile:

From the bootstrap website :

To make the jumbotron full width, and without rounded corners, place it outside all .containers and instead add a .container within.


I forked the pen so you could see the result : Your portfolio

Ok ok ok I got It Lol it was just in front of me the all time. Thank you very much for your help Thom :smiley: