Beginner problems with jumbotron and centering navbar!

So I’m working on my first website and have run into a few problems. One thing I’d like to do is center the navigation bar on the screen. The other problem is my jumbotrons seem to have an inconsistent width. This is most evident in the “wine list” jumbotron where the corners are rounded and the image does not extend to the edge of the screen. Would love to understand why this is happening and appreciate any help! Thanks!

link to my code:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does the navbar not need to be the first item that loads in your script? It looks like you’ve got your jumbo1 loading first.

As for your jumbotron problems, I didn’t use jumbotrons for my portfolio (I’m presuming that’s what this is), but take a look at this

Does that help?

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I managed to get the Nav to work by putting a

in front of it. That article was helpful. I just had a container that wasn’t closed earlier in the code and it tripped up my jumbotron. Thanks!