Portfolio page-nav bar/jumbotron overlap

Teh link:

So my primary issue atm is that my navigation buttons are overlapping jumbotron.

Now if I am not mistaken if i add some elements, like empty ones etc i can solve this.
But this answer is like adding stuff to make empty space.And playng with margins wont separate them
Sounds wrong to me, and i feel that the whole how elements are positioned(using ul for nav-butns, folowed by a h2 with jumbotron, they should give each other space lol), along with row/columns(am using col-xs-12, but what in gods name is the 12, i mean i saw the graphs but if i change the 12 to 6 or 4 it will do nothing so it kinda escapes me) is not clicking for me.
I get the syntax, how to use it, basic on most things but this is wrecking my head lol.
Reread some of them topics on all of it, but after spending some time on it decided to cheat and just ask for someone to look at it.
So help please

After having jumbotron and nav bar in their own containers, they were not moved together on use of margins.