Jumbotron won't work

I’ve been taking a break from FCC and have been working on random projects to practice my skills. I would really appreciate if you guys could help me with some feedback on this. I also really need help understanding why the jumbotron won’t go to the bottom of the images no mater what I do.

  • You have added two versions of bootstrap. Remove one.
  • Remove float from img.
  • Remove height from jumbotron class.
  • Reduce margin for img (1.5% seems good).

Ahhh thank you so much. That was super helpful!

I was just building the first codepen challenge - Tribute page and also had issues with the jumbotron, most likely as I was using Bootstrap 4, switched to 3 and it worked perfectly, you may want to try that :slight_smile:

I will do that thanks!