I need you.First project "Build a Tribute Page Incomplete "

Good time of day :smile:. I am a beginner here, so i got trouble on my first project. When Quincy Larson coded this site was bootstrap version 3.3.5. so when i tried to make site like his on bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha6 , understood that it isn`t so easy.
So i got that with bootstrap update they change many things even font, but i still have 3 moments, where i am really dont know what i have to do to fix those problems.
There are pictures of my and Quincy Larsons sites. There are red circles where i get stacked. Below i write sence of problems.

1-2) I want to know how i can make this (ex-thumbnail) border thinner like Larsons site has.
3) Maybe i didnt see that update. Just container on Larsons (3.3.5 bootstrap) site = 1170 width px, and jumbotron = 1140px, my site (4.0.0 bootstrap) container has 1140px, and jumbotron 1110px.

There are links: my site https://codepen.io/Ramark/full/XMRGmX/
qq Larsons https://codepen.io/freeCodeCamp/full/NNvBQW/

Please, help me with these questions :kissing_smiling_eyes:.

P.s.: will be glad to get any other constructive critique about my job and my english.

And plz delete this post, i deleted my website