Tribute Page - Jumbotron class

Hello guys,

can someone look at my code and tell me what I did wrong? I had to implement jumbotron class in the wrong way because it seems like nothing is enlarged and timeline is too wide and big. I want page titles to be enlarged and the rest of the text should be smaller.

One of the big issues we’re finding over in the gitter helpRoom is that people don’t realize recently CodePen defaulted to Bootstrap 4 when you choose it in the CSS settings page…

fCC trains you on the 3.X.X version that was previously…

Not sure if that’s you specific issue, but there are definitely some changes to the class names and usage…


Edit: I think there’s links to the older CDN in this thread

Yes, switching to on older Bootstrap will fix some of the issues you are seeing.

Got to Settings, then to CSS, then Add External CSS and over the existing Bootstrap entry, paste this:

When you’re done, you should have only one Bootstrap, the rev 3.3.5.

The other option would be to keep using the most recent Bootstrap and use CSS to make the adjustments you want.

Also realize that for the assignment, you didn’t have to exactly reproduce the page they made. You could have even chosen another person to tribute and changed the layout. What you did is fine (and good job replicating!) but you don’t need to feel restricted. You just needed to fulfill the user stories and have it look good.

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Thanks for the help.

Thanks for the tip. I am not really into design so that`s why I just replicated it. I just want to learn and move on to something more sophisticated. (JavaScript etc.)