Tribute to Neil Armstrong

Hi all,
Just finished my tribute page and was hoping for some feedback and some help.
I had a lot of trouble centering my image and time line as well as preventing them from spilling out the right side of my Jumbotron div. I managed to get them aligned using the text-center and text-left class.
Are there better solutions to this problem?
I also had problems getting my page looking like the example page until I dropped from bootstrap 4 to bootstrap 3 in the CSS settings of code pen and I’m also not sure why that was a problem.
Even after taking a peek at the example page and fixing my code it still wouldn’t look like the example page until I started aligning items myself.

Thank you

You should use ‘img-responsive’ instead of ‘img-fluid’ for the image.

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I like the idea of having a video on the page, especially since it goes so well with who the tribute is for. I think the only thing I’d mention is there’s this little white patch by your quote where it goes from black to white to gray. I tried looking at the code, but I’m not sure the best way to correct that or what’s even causing it. As well, I feel like there might be a few redundancies in the code. You have assigned the text-center attribute to several div sections that would only normally require it to be with the parent. I had a play around with it and deleted a few things to see if it broke it or changed it in any way, and it didn’t. I would just go back and try to clean the code up a little bit as at the bottom you will notice there is a /div that does not actually close a div, it’s just there by itself.

If it is possible, as well, I would personally adjust the size of the image to be in line with the timeline width. This is very much just a personal preference, but I feel it would look better either matching the size or being wide enough to stretch to the black space. But having said all that, I like the clean font, I like the clean colours, and I like the clean layout.

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Thank you! I didn’t catch that.

Thank you for going over my code! The white patch is from using the blockquotes I believe. I also didn’t know that I could just assign text-center for the parent thanks! I think I will mess around with resizing the image. I was definitely thinking about improving my projects when I’m further along the program. One problem that I had was that the page wouldn’t scale smaller like some of the other projects I’ve seen people make and couldn’t figure out why.

Do you mean it won’t scale smaller when using it on other devices i.e. phones or do you just want certain parts to scale down? I’m not sure if my tribute page is doing what you are asking for, but feel free to look at it, and if it does then I can try and point out what changes might be needed. And honestly a lot of this stuff I still don’t know. I had my friend help with my page when I had issues that I couldn’t get answered via Google, so he and I had to spend a bit of time picking through code and understanding what was working/not working. I think it worked so well because 1. He knows much more than I do and actually does a lot of web developer work at his job (although that’s not his technical job role) and 2. Rubber Duck Debugging. I truly believe you can read something 1000 times, but you’ll have blinders on when you’re reading it in your head. Even reading it out loud sometimes doesn’t work for me. But when I try and explain it to another human in words they understand I’ll sometimes have that ‘AH HAH’ moment where I realise what needs to be done. If you want to take a look at my tribute page, let me know if it does some things you are after: .