Tribute Page Project - Would really appreciate some feedback :)

Hi all,

So this is my first project and I’ve tried my best to use bootstrap properly.
Please have a look as I would appreciate your honest feedback please.

Here’s the site -

Thanks in advance,

  • Gideon

Hi Gmunkei!
I’m new myself but it looks really well done, especially for your first project. Great choice for your tribute subject too. My inner perfectionist wants to scoot everything to the right a bit but that’s just my opinion haha :wink: Take care!

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Not bad for a first go. I’d have to agree that centering of the page would be more aesthetically sound. Different font options for the jumbotron title would be useful; Google Fonts is an easy way to go about this. Also, the flow of the paragraph text is a bit monotonous; each paragraph really should get its own <p> tag. Still, you have a good start!

Thanks dave-d585! I’ll have a look at some other google fonts and I agree the first bit should be chunked into more