Tribute Page - Feedback Please! :)

I just finished up my tribute page and was looking for some feedback! I didn’t want to go too crazy with this since the objectives were so simple, but I’ll take any advice I can get :sweat_smile:

Carl Sagan Tribute Page on Codepen

It’s terrible! Just kidding, it looks fine. The only thing I could question is the use of the jumbotron. It really shouldn’t be used to wrap the entire content of a page (mostly 'cause you can achieve the same thing with little CSS); it should be an “attention-catcher” but it’s just a minor detail.
Also, I generally avoid using custom fonts for big chunck of texts, some of them are hard to read but the one you used doesn’t look too bad; maybe a little too bold for my tastes.

Again, details. Good job!

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Haha thanks I ended up changing the fonts back I was just messing around with google font.

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It looks really good! I like how you used icons and had the wikipedia page in it’s own font. Super clean, and the spacing is all looking nice too ^-^

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