Take a look to my tribute page - Carl Sagan

Hello everyone,

I have completed my tribute page and I would like to get some feedback from you guys and gals, so that I can improve my skills.

Carl Sagan tribute page

P.S. you’re awesome and keep smiling. :smile:


nice idea of switching pictures based on what bit you’re at

Hey Mohamed Sassi, I love your page, very impressed! Do you mind if I “fork” your code? I’d like to deconstruct it and learn how it works and hopefully one day make one myself! PS: I love Carl Sagan, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sure, feel free to fork my code. That how we learn new things.:smiley:

Great, thanks - much appreciated !:ok_hand::upside_down:

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Hey Mohamed Sassi, Impressive tribute page you have got there, appreciate the effort . I feel It would look more appealing if the text background was a some colour/background apart from white, something that keeps the flow(just a suggestion).
P.S Im forking it too :wink: going to try and play with this.

Nice, and i’m a fan of the subject too.

  • I think you could widen the band with the quote in, as its pot luck if you stop your scroll on the exact spot. I wanted to read it but had to scroll a bit (poor me!)

  • on smaller screens (320px like iphone5) you could do with allowing the text to fill the entire screen width bar a small margin for comfort.

Other than that, its one of the sharpest looking ones i’ve seen. The content is interesting and the layout (ie having the moneyshot and the intro visible on all the screen sizes) is well thought out too.



Thanks for the feedback @monk92 and I will try to improve the flow. Also have fun forking it.

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it and I am still learning to play around with media queries so that I can make it more responsive.

This is one of the pages where I enjoyed scrolling through. Well done!

Wow, this is really beautiful Mohammed. I really like it.

To emphasize your beautiful image theme, I would suggest to increase the distance between your bands of text. For example, Between “Introduction” and “Education and Work”, there is barely enough space for me to read the whole quote in the image.

(And I disagree with monk92 - the white makes it elegant and not too busy)


Looks really good Mohammed, I am going to figure it out as well, thanks for sharing your code, I really appreciate it. Site looks good.


Thanks for the feedback! :grin:

No problem @collinsGTR, have fun with it and thanks for the feedback! :smile:

Thank you for the feedback :smile: