Tribute Page project - feedback would be welcomed :)

Hello all,

I just started to learn coding in mid Aug through a bootcamp course in Singapore. Just completed in campus learning and i’m going through freecodecamp lessons to strengthen my skills.

Here’s the link to the tribute page project on codepen:

Thank you!

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Any one know how i could remove the white space on top and bottom of the jumbotron image - this happens after i resize the screen. I suspect it got to do with the min-height on the jumbotron css. I was trying to fix that but couldn’t figure out the solution. Thx

Hey, hey!
I really like your job. It looks awesome! Keep going!:grinning:

About your question.
I think in this case better use background-size: cover; in .jumbotron selector.
Try to remove background-size: 100% property to background-size: cover; In this way you will remove those white spaces top and bottom of the image.
if you have questions, just ask.

Let’s make the web better place.

Hi Pavel,

Thank you sharing your tips! I was playing around with cover and 100% for the background-size property. The image is responsive but leave the white space if i use 100% but vice versa when i use cover. I’ve changed to cover but the image is still not responsive. I’m wondering what I can do to fix this?

Thanks for your encouragement!

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Hi paperplanegirl,

Which bootcamp did you join? Please suggest me a good bootcamp in Singapore.

It was General Assembly. They are good.