Tribute page - questions and feedback pls

Hi guys,

Here’s the tribute page I created, link

Two questions:

  1. I used the Microsoft logo as a background image but instead of a single whole image, it’s displayed 3x. While I’m happy with the result, how do I change it into a single image in the future?

  2. If I view the full page, there’s white space at the bottom. This is not visible in smaller windows but how do I remove this?


any solution on the white space at the bottom of my page? :slight_smile:

Hey. So, for your first issue you can use background-repeat: no-repeat; which does exactly what you want. Then, if you want to position the background anywhere specific (in your case, I’d image it would be to the right), use background-position: right;.

As for the white space, the problem is that your content doesn’t expand to fill the page. Give a min-height: 100vh; to your row, and it should be fine (see more here about the vh units).

thanks a lot! :smiley: