Marvin Minsky Tribute Page - Feedback

Hello everybody!

I just finished work on my Marvin Minsky tribute page. Feel free to take a look at it here and leave some feedback if you want:

Thanks for your time!

one of the best tribute pages i have seeing here so far. Dude if this is you first time doing this no worry’s about it you be great but if i size it down the image doesn’t and it looks weird

I agree. That blows most other tribute pages I have seen out of the water. If that truly is one of your first web pages, I feel very embarrassed about my tribute page.

Seriously good work friend.

Thanks for the feedback! I have to admit I have a little bit of experience with HTML / CSS but haven’t really built any full pages yet.

First off, your tribute page looks great! Way better than what I came up with.
The only feedback I can give is that the background image looks like this on larger screens:

Try messing around with your CSS class .header__bg's properties background-repeat and background-position. These should help you fix the issue. Anyway, nice work!:+1:t4:

To be honest, that was a bit of an oversight of me - I forgot to test the page on higher resolutions than what I’m using. Anyway, it should be fixed now. Thanks again :smile:

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