Help with Twitch Streamers

Hi everyone! I need help!
I did this exercise, but when I click on nav menu, my jQuery doesn’t work. I want to filter theses channels for status online, offline and all.
I don’t know if there is a channel online too! :slight_smile:
Someone can help-me? Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!
I did these mofifications but my code doesn’t work.

The jquery doesn’t work after method append, I don’t know why?

When I click on “online” in nav menu, the jQuery doesn’t work.
I want to do “offline” disapear when I to click on online menu option.

Sorry about my English :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, now it’s working.
It was a space before the text :slight_smile:
O my god, I lost much time whith it!

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