I'm stuck on Twitch API project

I’m stuck on this Twitch API project I can’t get results when I click on a button and when I delete the click functions I still can’t go to the streamer’s channel(it gives me a blank page. Please help me! :slight_smile:. This is my codepen [

Jquery is not finding the div elements.

When appending data to a div your searching for divs with classes .online or .offline. You should be searching for #online and #offline.

not $(.online) but $(#offline), same for online.

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Exactly what Matthew-Keating said. On lines 11 and 16 in your JS code you need to grab the ids, not the classes (switch ‘.’ to ‘#’ in your jQuery selection). I did this in your app and it displayed your results just fine. It’s always the little things that drive us crazy more than anything else.

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Thanks a lot guys I don’t know how I forgot that :slight_smile: