Help with project api

Hey guys I have been working with project for about 3 days now. I’ve created an account in the twitch website. After following through their API page, a client ID has been generated for “Twitch-Streamers435” app. Now I don’t have any idea what to do after this. I mean I tried using some urls like
"" but still of no use. I’m not able to receive json object by passing that url in my “.getJSON(…)” function. Step by step explanation of the API usage would be appreciated.

You didn’t have to register to Twitch because FCC provides a proxy. Anyway. In order to get the data for each user you’ll have to use the API endpoints like this:[USERNAME][USERNAME][USERNAME]
where [USERNAME] is a Twitch user.

For example to get FCC’s channel info you’ll request the data from _(if you click it you’ll see the JSON) .

Let me know how it goes.

ha! At last your suggestion worked for me. Thanks a lot!