Twitchtv JSON API channel info

About this challenge, should I create an account on Twitchtv and get the data from the channels I follow? if not how should I do, whose channel, it was kind of confusing. thanks in advance.

In the challenger page there are all info and tips to do this Project. There is an alternarive URL to request JSON. Use twich API needs authentication And it’s not best idea about public Project so FFC give another site. If you check this site you will find every info to use its APIs.

You don’t have to make a Twitch account. You can use this instead:

Note that the instructions there use You should replace gomix with glitch to avoid a CORS error.

you’re not helping at any matter

the api provided in the link is not working, I get either “not found” or forbidden". If it is working could you give me an example of how to use it?

Here’s how to get data for the freecodecamp channel:

On the project page there are a handful of twitch usernames that you can use for the project.

And let’s not get too aggressive. stefalber’s right about the alternative URL for the data (the URL that I posted)


Here what i said (it’s the page of the project
And if you click on it you go in a web page (this: ) where you can found this NOTE:

Maybe you have to try to understand other.

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oh yeah, thanks, I was just nervous cause the instructions weren’t so clear.

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Yeah, the instructions isn’t clear and they’re many outdated guides on this. I ended up trying to figure out why isn’t working only to find out that we should use glitch instead.

Is there any way to fix the instruction for TwitchTV JSON project? It feels kinda messed up TBH. used to be I tried looking for wind-bow in glitch but strangely I couldn’t find it.