Help with upload my personal .gif to website

Hello, I am working on a project to help understand coding and I have searched and read and tried many techniques but none has worked - yet. I figure you smart techies may be able to guide me. I have created a .gif (it’s on my computer) and I want it to run on my website, and I cannot figure this out. Of course I realize that I need to somehow get my .gif off my computer and out to somewhere to then be able to upload it. What is the easiest way to do this? And please give detailed directions. I have looked at Google, drop box and others, but I am missing something as it’s not working. Thanks a million.

You should be able to use any image host (Codepen and Imgur historically don’t play well though).

When using some services you also need to make sure you have the actual direct image link and not a link to the resource page with the image. Usually just right-clicking the image and opening it up in a new tab and then copying that link should work.

You can also try using GitHub