Adding photos to website

Hi, I’m trying to add a background photo to a website. I’ve grabbed a free one from, and it goes on for a while, then keeps disappearing a day or so later. Also, how do I apply photos from my own files to a website, since they’re not attached to a URL? I’ve tried FileZilla, but cannot make sense of it. Any advice, please? I’m tired of relying on finding photos that I can use from other sites, when they’re hard to find and keep disappearing anyway. Going bonkers here…

use something that lets you upload the pictures, like github, or, or codesandbox, or projects (you can have one in the free version)

Ok, thank you. Do you know which is the easiest one for dummies like me? I tried github and I can’t get it to work. The won’t let me do it without upgrading to Pro. I may have to give up. Thanks for your help, I may not be cut out for this. :frowning:

You could try using a google drive link.

Hi, thank you, I don’t know why, this didn’t work for me either. I appreciate the help. I think I’d better just give up, I just don’t have the brain for this, I’ll never figure out what I’m doing. :cry:

have you tried

I would continue to research on sites for free hosting options.

Apart from dragging photos from pixabay or any other site. If you need an image then you go to any site, tap on the image. After selecting the particular image, press on the image for a long time. There will be a pop up, you will see open image in new tab. Then, tap that option. You’ll be taken to a new tab in your browser. If you are using Chrome, from the search box click on the link and copy. Now go to your text editor, where your code lie. In your
paste the link in between the colon. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND. THANK YOU!!!

Thank you, Abdulkareem, that definitely worked for me! I think there must be something wonky with Pixabay, but your solution helped me with other images, so I replaced the Pixabay one. You’ve helped me so much with my immediate problem, it gave me more workable options to choose from, and the other image I used stays on there. Thank you a bazillion times! :grinning:

Thank you, I’ll check it out. Maybe it’ll be a bit more user friendly than Github.

Thank you jwilkins.oboe, I’ll check that out, I’m sure I’ll find something from there that is more user-friendly than Github. I really appreciate the help! :grinning: I’m going to stop kicking myself, I realized that the Pixabay URLs are wonky, because other images are staying.

I wanted to just say thank you again, jwilkins.oboe for forwarding me that info about Image hosting sites. I found just what I was looking for in there, it’s Imgur, and it’s perfect. It’s so user-friendly, I no longer feel stupid. I knew there had to be a simple solution, and you provided the info for me. Thank you a bazillion, gazillion, times!!! :smiley:

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