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Hi all,
I’m trying to add an image to my tribute page and I’m having a hard time understanding the whole thing about adding an image to a page.

I found a picture of a chicken on pixaby

Now, to add picture of that chicken from, I added a code like this
img scr=" /
(of course, I would add <> to above code :slight_smile:)

When I did that, it wouldn’t show a picture but it showed an image icon.

Can someone explain to me how to add picture I found on a website to my page?
And also, what about a picture I have on my computer? How do I go about adding a picture that is saved on my desktop to my tribute page?

I know it’s a very basic thing I should know how to do but I’m just really confused.

Thanks in advance!

Your code so far

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That url is not an image. It is a website which displays an image. You can download the image and incorporate the image into your own website, but that may not help you if you are using Codepen. For Codepen (the free version), you can only link to images.

If you right-mouse click on the image and click on copy image address (using Chrome), you might be able to use that url, but it may not work because the hosting site may block hot-linking from another site.

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Thank you very much!