Build A Tribute Page-Adding images

I’m having a hard time adding an image to my tribute page. I searched google image, found an image I wanted to use and then copied the url to that image. When I insert it into my html and run it, the photo doesn’t appear. It’s just the photo icon along with my alt attribute? What am I missing here? Am I not allowed to use google images?

could you please share your code that didn’t work properly?


Tribute Page

Kurt Vonnegut

Great American Novelist

portrait of Kurt Vonnegut


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<img src=“

I used this link as a source, and it worked.

errr I don’t know how to make it just show the code without it running.

Thank you! I was copying the link from the share button that is why it wasn’t working. So embarrassing haha.

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nothing is embarrasing while you’re learning something :slight_smile:

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For future reference, you can also use your own image in your codepen (instead of relying on Google images) by uploading it to an online service. Here’s a free online image hosting service.