What source of img. code have to insert it?

Hey guys. Please help me.

I am in the middle of doing my tribute page : and for me been complicated mostly how to insert img code in

between these tags

I just assumed I could write the tribute page about a famous person as well isn’t ? - so then
Do i have to convert image URL … into .JPG? ( i jut couldn’t find a code img for this peron’s photo :frowning:
Do I do something wrong so far at this stage ?

My code so far:

Sergey Brin

"Brin has miggrated to United States of America was the president of Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc."

I appreciate for your help

For the Tribute page, you can pick anyone you like. It doesn’t have to be a famous person. Just pick anyone dead or alive. FCC doesn’t really care. As long as you pass all of the tests then you are in good shape.

As for the img tag, you just have to paste the url into the src attribute. (Ex. src=“https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3689/10613180113_fdf7bcd316_b.jpg”) I got that example straight from the FCC sample tribute page. You can look through their entire code on codepen if you have anymore questions about formatting in HTML or CSS. Happy coding!

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