Help! Work is being erased

Every time i complete a challenge it erases my progress and i have to start over to complete the challenge. I have been retypying the same challenge the entire day

Hi there, do you have any browser extensions installed? Perhaps one of them is erasing your progress?

Try to use a newly installed browser and see if it makes any difference.

Do you get a checkmark on the list of challenges?

The code is not saved. That is if you go back to a previous challenge your old code is not saved. At least not when you are signed in. If you sign out it will save it to localStorage.

Edit: Maybe I can be a bit more clear.

If you pass a challenge, it gives you a checkmark and records it as completed for your account. But it does not save the code you entered in the editor to pass the challenge. Saving each and every campers code to their account would be a lot of data, even if it is only text.

But as said, when you are signed out, it actually does save the code locally in the browser localStorage. It is a bit confusing behavior but it is done for consistency I believe as localStorage can run out of space so it’s better not to save it when signed in.

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