Helping with my portfolio: Add scrollspy on it

Dear all,

I am trying to add scrollspy to my portfolioMyPortfolio. Following the guide of Bootstrap-Javascript Javascript-Bootstrap I tried two ways:

  1. data-target="#topbar"
  2. data-target=".navbar"

But both don’t work.

I am really confused. Did I use something wrong?

P.S libiaries are included, body css is configured.

Thanks for answering!

Are you using CodePen? Is there a way you could post your code?

Yes, I am using Codepen. The link is here Portfolio.

What interesting is that, when I create a new Pen and paste the code into it, the scrollspy works.

This is the new Pen having the same code there. New Pen

In the working version, you loaded jQuery before bootstrap, and vice versa for the non-working version.


Thank you very much! Now I see that jQuery should be loaded before bootstrap so that it works!