Here is my Janky/Troll-y portfolio page

Took way longer than I thought it would to figure out the navbar stuff. Still getting used to the syntax of nesting certain things, but near as I can tell everything in it works. The graphic design could use a major overhaul but I’m proud I was able to piece together some stuff that sorta kinda looks like a grown up site! Can’t wait I’ll I’m not just posting random screen grabs in the thumbnails and actually have some stuff to show.

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Huh…so do I have to modify the styling for the Pen preview screen that shows for it to look like it does when I’m editing it? The nav-bar in the preview folds into a drop down instead of just sitting there like its supposed to…

Post your link like this: [ http bla bla ](http bla bla) <use the brackets like that to create a link instead of a preview :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Noted and filed away for future use, appreciate it @Cytronix777

I’m sensing a Monkey Island reference in there somewhere…

Very cool and funny, Austin! (Also i hope you get out of there soon!)