Hi All, I need your help

Hi All,

Hope you’re having a blessed and glorious day.

I have a few questions and need your help with the following. This is from an assigment a recruitment agency in the Amsterdam area is requiring to be completed in React for new devs to be hired. Unfortunately my React skills are junior level but still trying to complete this in vanillajs to get better at it.

My questions are:

  • How to access the JSON data from an external file? This was to be accessed from the service.js file in the service folder but i have no idea how to properly access the IIFE in that file.

  • How to filter out the other options after a selection has been made? See Readme.md file here:

  • I have created a form at: https://romson.github.io/Select-vehicle-form-vannilajs/
    How to properly show the corresponding image after the three selections has been made?

  • And last question: How would a React dev start to make this in React? Maybe a video tutorial about it? What would be the steps to properly do this in React?

Thanks for helping!

First of all, this is your assignment… if you want to access JSON data just export it.

const jsonData = require('./data.json')

I’m not react dev but this is actually easy (in react or vanila.js), if you want to go with react then just trigger the action on the dropdown (evenetListener) it is onChange or onInput, then filter() it, if its found then just show the image of corresponding object.

Maybe you want to use bundler like parceljs just for easy scafolding.

Good, luck… it is your assignment.