Hi everyone give me a feedback please on my little app

Here is the link
Thanks in advance!!!


  • The list items do not have a delete button. I clicked them and they disappeared. I would rather use the a button.
  • I think you should listen for the “Enter” key to add a list item instead of having to click on the plus sign.
  • At 750px width the list is too narrow. It is shrinking too much at that point then it grows as you expand the page. If you do mobile first you can set it to 100% width, then set a max-width to stop it.
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Agree with the feedback above. Also

  • Background is cool, nice work
  • Having a list heading for today’s date only works if you also let people add stuff for future dates

Thanks for feedback,i will make the changes,

Hi Arame! Your to-do list is looking beautiful. Here’s some suggestions as a visual designer :smiley:

I think if you want a translucent plus sign it would work better if the dash in that plus sign lines up with the horizontal line under TYPE HERE. Or just make the plus sign larger and opaque. It would also be better if you move that sign to the left, closer to where the user type their to-do items.
I would also make TYPE HERE larger and align it either with the list items or with the date indicator on top. This would make your input area easier to spot for users.
Your task count is also looking kind of isolated right now, it’s not lining up with anything, just kinda floating there in the top right corner. Spacing is really important when you want to create a flat, simple yet beautiful design.

Last but not least - there may be something off with your media query? Your list suddenly shrinks when the page width goes beyond 770px, and once the width is below that point it expands too much.

I think your list looks best on iphone 5 where everything aligns better xD but the alignments falls apart on all the other platforms and screen sizes.

Thank you very much for a feedback ! I will notice you’re advices

Easy one to miss, but you need to put something in place to check the length of string submitted by the user, and adjust accordingly.

Otherwise looks good! Nicely done.

Thanks for advice, I will work on it