Hi Guys, looking to pair up with someone

Hi Guys,

My name is Noah, I am 37 years old and live in the Netherlands. I just stared my journey to become a front end web developer.
Are there people out there, maybe around the same age, doing the same? You could use somebody to discuss and practice with? Me too!

Let me know if you are interested and maybe I talk to you soon!


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Hey, I am 24, Iwork as web dev. we can pair up. if you are ok with it.

Hi Omar,

Thank you for the reply.

So, you already work as a web dev, nice! Not sure if you want to pair with me, because I just got through the basic HTML and CSS training. I am very serious though and hoping to land my first job as a web dev within the next 9 months.

Where a you from?

Sorry Omkar… didnt read that very well

I am from India. I am always serious when it comes to web development. Anyways, I am open to work if you’re ok.
All the best.

Hi Noah.

Are you still active? I’m in The Netherlands and would love to do a few meet ups for coffee and code!

Let me know