Hi, I just got 8/10 on tribute page

Hi, I just did my tribute page making and did not get a full point. I just did what I could to make it work and if you guys can give me feedback on my code, It would be a great chance for me to learn.

Hi there,

Your Codepen doesn’t include the test script, so it’s hard to see what’s not working.

Also, when you run the tests, if you click on the red button, it will give more details about what tests aren’t passing and why.


Hi @hmkim309!

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I agree with @cherylm that you should always include the test suite with your projects. Especially when you are asking why certain tests are not passing.

When tests do not pass, open up the test suite and look at the full error message.

For example, one of the failing tests is in regards to the tribute link.

You wrote this

  <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Borlaug" id="tribute-link">Wikipedia entry</a>.

However the test is looking for a links which links to an outside site. Your link needs to open a new tab not leave the page completely.

And the other failing tests has to deal with the image. Open up the test suite and it will provide you with the answer on how to fix it.

thank you! I’ll keep that in mind!


By the way, I used a lot of
to organize the content. I was wondering if there is the better way than the way I do?

Well, there are times when you are using display:block; for elements that are already block level like p tags. So I would review a little bit on block level elements.

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you are so nice! Thank you X)