Hi, I unable to find the proper way to place the URL of my button image, can someone help please?

here is the javascript code :

        <script language='javascript'>
        document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + "https://api.swi-rc.com/integration/integration.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
        <a href='https://api.swi-rc.com/integration/integration.php?uid=ozxewGqfHFcOqj9nr%2BqzVI01dW%2BSdkkgz%2FXeRqdEa0lTw8QFXQl%2FGGI4R5VP4iU%2FA5g2CrXdWfYFgsgNsjQ%2BcQoQtPKEUcuTIA%3D%3D'><img src='<place your image URL here>' border=0 alt='' title=''></a></noscript>


src='<place your image URL here>'

Between ’ and '.

I already tried this and i’m stuck with the generic button

The src will search for the url.
You are saying you are stuck with the generic button can you elaborate what exactly you meant with that? Like what happens when you do place the link in the search text?

nothing happen and the link for the button is working fine in a web browser

Is the image loading, if you go to the network tab in the dev tools does it show up? Do you have the correct URL?

What happens if you use a placeholder image https://via.placeholder.com/40

Okay what software are you running this? It can be that it block you from visiting links?

One of my friend who live in Taiwan fixed this for me, thank you very much guys for your help! Really appreciated

please who can help me to extract text from a jpg blurred image