Hi please i need some help here. It says i should give a 1px, solid border with a color of #0a0a23... where did i go wrong pls?

input,textarea {
  background-color: #0a0a23;
  border: 1px, solid;
  color: #0a0a23;

You’ll need to let us know which project and step this is on.

ohh okay… that’s step 53
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This one isn’t quite right. There should be no comma in the value. And you need to include the color at the very end of the border property, not as a separate color property.

still kinda confused :confused:
you said the color property’s supposed to come at the very end of the border property… something like this?

input, textarea {
border: 1px, solid; color: #0a0a23


input, textarea{
border: 1px, solid;
border-color: #0a0a23;

No, because you are still trying to make color an entire new property when it should be apart of the border. Every time you use ; in css you are pretty much saying that is the end of your property, and anything that comes after is the start of a new property

It seems you still need to understand the border syntax. Look at this and try again

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thanks so much @Cody_Biggs for breaking it down … now i understand that the color was supposed to be part of the border property… just tried it and it passed…
thankss :pray: :innocent:

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