Hii campers please have a look and give feedback on my tribute page

hi fellow campers

i have done my tribute page please have a look on it and give me feedback.https://codepen.io/jackson-tuyisenge/full/xJJvPJ/

Hello @tuyijack! It seems that the link is broken. Will check it out once its available again.

hi Dionny here is the link.https://codepen.io/jackson-tuyisenge/full/xJJvPJ/

Nice Try! That’s good introduction to Rwanda.

Two problems I see is your images and texts as they are out of alignments and overlap onto other images and texts.

I would take few curriculum here in FCC. There is one called “basic css” and “css flexbox” under responsive web design certificate. You will learn how to design a site without breaking images and texts!

@shimphillip thanks a lot for the great feedback, actually i am a beginner and i m working hard to become a great developer asap thanks again.

Nice job. When I open it for the first time it was in my smartphone so it looks kind of weird but when I saw it on Firefox in my computer it look fine.

@dionnysierra hi thanks Can you please direct me how i can make it responsive on mobile.

Your HTML code is a bit difficult to go through because of poor readability. For example, the nested div tags in the picture below should be nested properly, so that someone going through your code understands instantly the page structure you were aiming for.


The above code with readable structure would look like. This allows other people reading your code to go straight to solving its problem without spending time determining the element hierarchy.


I would be happy to help you with the page responsiveness on mobile screens if you make the code more readable. Hope this helps you improve.

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I’m still a beginner. I would love to but it’s still beyond my knowledge.