My Tribute page in FCC


I have finished my tribute page in codepen and my first webpage ever!
I am quite proud about it, but I would be more than happy to hear your feedback and possible improvements about both style and design.

You can find it here:

Hey @ededals,
This is good for a first project.
Text on “Work in twenties” part gets overflowed to white part and thus not visible.
Your page isn’t responsive.
So, try working on making it responsive.

Good try though. Also, this being your first webpage, you have done well.
Keep learning.
All the best.:+1:

Thank your for feedback.

What did you mean by making page more responsive? Should I add media query for smaller devices to improve responsiveness?

Yes, media queries are great way to start.
Then, you should learn about css-grids and flex-box.
Here’s, something to get you started:

Hope this helps.

I think that’s great for a first webpage ever… Gee, mine didn’t look half as good when I started a couple years ago :sweat_smile:
And I agree, learning responsiveness at this stage would be good for you.
Start practising by using relative measurement units (like ‘em’ or ‘%’) instead of absolute measurement units (like ‘px’), use media queries to display different pages to different screen sizes, use CSS flexbox or CSS grids for the layout of your pages, etc…
In general try not to use absolute measurements on any element unless you are absolutely sure that the content within it will not overflow or be hidden when the window is shrunken (unless that’s actually your intent!)

Thank you for your feedback both @aditya_p @mslilafowler

Made some improvements based on your comments and now I think webpage is much more responsive.

Nice design.
checkout my Tribute page. I would love any suggestions.