Finished Tribute Page - Feedback Please!

Hi all, I just finished my first project from freecodecamp. I was hoping some of y’all could take a look and give some suggestions on how I could make it better…

Much appreciated!

It is pretty nice, but there are some things I would suggest.

  1. Use a nice font. Look up google fonts (Raleway) and apply it.

  2. Two-tone your webpage. See how I have a background, then I have everything on one main div?

  1. Your footer needs some improvement. The color is too dark, the height is too small (add some padding). Make sure there is padding between the edge of the footer and the text itself.

  2. The page is not responsive.

Learn flexbox and put the lists in cards/ boxes. From there you can put them in a row with a container div and allow wrap. Sounds confusing, but taking 30 minutes to learn flexbox can drastically improve webpages -->

Your image is not responsive either -->


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Thanks Michael! I’ll get to work on making those changes! Appreciate the help.

It looks good on large but it is not responsive. I would suggest using grids to make it look better oh smaller screens.

I meant the footer color is too dark, not small lol

Looks a lot better though.

Yeah I agree, I think I should be all set now. Thanks for the help. The two-tone made a huge difference!

I made a example which shows how you you can do the tribute-info on your pen. Keep in mind you can style cosmetically however you want, this is just the flexbox base.