Tribute Page (Yury Dmitriev) Feedback

This is my tribute page
Please, give me feedback.

This is pretty good! I would

remove bullet points.
Make your footer smaller. It’s also good idea to include your name in your footer.


Thank you so much, Shimphillip! I will change it.
Is my code all right?

I agree with Phillip, your code looks good!
I couldn’t properly figure out how to use flexbox until the 3rd project, and I haven’t even started using Grid yet, so well done trying to implement these features on your first project :slight_smile:

I would change the color of the text though, because it is a bit hard to read.

One more thing, you forgot to close your /html tag :smiley:

:grinning: Indeed!

Thank you, Josephk96, for advice and uplifting words.