Home monthly budget

Hi am to figure out how to code this monthly budget on python to look like this:

Monthly Budget
Item        Month      Year
Food        $50.55    $606.60
Rent        $300.00   $3600.00
Coding      $3.01     $36.12
Toothpaste  $1.00     $12.00
Yoga        $50.00    $600.00

What have you tried? What does your code look like and what does the output look like?

it kept on saying syntax error

Enter Item 1: Food
Enter Item 1 Monthly Amount: 50.55
print input1 = input("Enter Item 1: ")
print monthly1 = float(input("Enter Item 1 Monthly Amount: "))

i tried something like this

These are the instructions * Instead of assigning the item variables directly, you will use the input() function to prompt the user for these variables. Specifically, you will input the:

  • Item name (as a string)
  • Item monthly amount (as a float)
  • You will calculate the yearly amount for each item. Notice that all of the values are floats and are displayed with cents (this is money).

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