Hosting Audio Files (for Simon Game)

Anyone know where I can host audio files. I could use the standard sounds but I want to try something different.
So far, these have failed:
Google Drive
My own web hosting
I don’t really want to use Amazon Web services because of their overly complicated pricing plans.


i found pretty comfortable, it is free to use and gives you direct link to the file after upload

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I prefer to host on github, so I know it is permanent, but you need to access the file (link) via a address

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Github is a good option. You can also make it work on Google Drive if you modify the shareable link per these instructions

Here is a pen that plays a sound from an audio file on google drive

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Very good. Without those instructions I would never have known!

Unfortunately you are limited to a certain number of “views” / “plays” of the file. :frowning_face:

Doesn’t allow wav files :frowning:

Back to square one.

Normally (in a non-codepen-like environment) your audio files would be hosted in the same place as your html, css, images, etc. But in CodePen, it is easier to have the media files hosted remotely and just link to them. However, it is possible to embed media into the html on CodePen. You will have to base64 encode the files, and use the correct MIME type. Here is a pen with an encoded oog audio (WAV files should work as well) and here is a link to the source.

Heres a free hosting service I use:

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I figured out the link style for dropbox in the end.

Hi Johnny, could you tell me how did you do it?

How can I find the link to my file? Could you share a step-by-step guide here? ^^


I figure it out!!! tks!

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you can upload the files on cloudinary, generate the links and use them. Supports .wav files as well.

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I used this service to host my first website :open_mouth: I had actually forgotten about it for a while, but yeah, this is a pretty awesome service for hosting free stuff.