Free service for directly hosting audio?

Hi everyone

Are there any free services for hosting audio that can be directly used in a web app? FreeCodeCamp uses AWS for the simon sounds (eg this but im assuming that probably costs them because aws generally isnt free. There are countless services for images but I’ve never seemed to find one that does it for audio.

AFAIK any “blob” storage solution would be able to handle this (google cloud buckets, AWS s3 buckets, etc) these can store files (think google drive) images, or even audio and video.

Now I dont know of any free “blob” storage, but looking purely for “audio” storage probably isn’t the best way to find options out there.

But for this sort of challenge you should be able to provide static audio files without having much issues. But that’s not something I have experience with, only going off what I know of web apis. :smile: