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Hey everyone, what are your favorite resources for finding sounds to use in your projects? I’m looking for the audio equivalent of Free or open source, developer-oriented sounds repository kinda stuff. Thanks!

I’ve used freesound a few times; as far as I know it’s the biggest collection of free sound effects available.

Thanks! I looked on there and found a sound I’d like to use. Now, I’ve seen people import sounds into their pages much like one might import a google font. Do you know how I could do this with stuff I find on freesound?

This should cover the basics of using audio with HTML and/or JavaScript:

As for using freesound and such, you can download the file and put it somewhere in your project directory or external server and link to it. Uncompressed wave files may be unnecessarily large for many applications, so you might consider converting the audio format and/or compressing the file. Depending on your experience and comfort level, this can be accomplished by various means, including Audacity, ffmpeg, websites like Online Audio Converter, and there are probably APIs that will do this “automagically”.

Or if you have a more specific issue, feel free to share and we’ll help you get on the right track.


That’s what I wound up doing. I downloaded the file, converted the big .wav into a small .mp3 using audacity, and uploaded it onto my github. It now works just fine on the page. Thank you!

Google has a few:


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