Audio Issues in HTML - SOLVED

Hi everyone, I was building this Pikachu Lorem Ipsum Lorem Ipsum and I came to notice that sound is only playing in my computer. I think the reason is that the website I took the audio from is not secure enough.
So, does anyone know a place where I can store audio and then use it in my project? I have found plenty of places to store audio but none that would give me a url just for the audio (to provide it in the the “src” attribute).
Since I’m building in Codepen I can not use local files.

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The audio plays for me when I click Pikachu :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response. Yes, I ended up downloading the audios and uploading them in some Amazon service (I just looked around other pens with audios, and most where hosted there so I figured it worked fine). Thanks for looking, I’m closing this one!

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