Free hosting for my music

Could you please name a few free hosting services to upload my music there and embed it to my html? Thanks!

Hi there,
Try netlify

5 Best Music Website Hosting Providers

  1. Wix: It is a drag-and-drop site builder that comes perfectly tailored for musicians with roughly 50 music-themed templates
  2. Bluehost: Bluehost is the longtime standard of WordPress hosting
  3. InterServer: Their price is the lowest we’ve found for a shared hosting plan that includes all sorts of free extras
  4. iPage: Their site-building platform is a powerful tool that will also help you on social media and email newsletters
  5. Bandzoogle: Bandzoogle should be on your shortlist of prospective website builder services.

I would ignore both of the above suggestions, as they don’t answer your question. At a pinch, you can just use Google Drive, or Dropbox or a similar file hosting/sharing service. They aren’t going to be particularly efficient, as what you’re trying to do isn’t their primary purpose. So if you are Googling, then “file hosting for websites” or “media hosting for websites” should get you a load of results. I can’t say which of these are good. Personally I would just use Amazon S3: you can just create a bucket, upload the files, make it public and get the URL, but Google may give you something a bit more useful for your specific needs.

Basically, any hosting will do. It should just have enough memory for it. Just create a dedicated folder for your music, and get the code you need on GitHub. It’s quite simple. Or you can just host it here . If you want to spread it for free of course. Hope it helps