What web hosting service do you recommend?

I recently tried using Bluehost for an upload, but it seemed a bit buggy. My document was fully functional on codepen in both mobile and desktop, but would not work after exporting it. Any suggestions on a web hosting service that works efficiently?

Off the top of my head:

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Depends on what your requirements are. The most important is do you need a back-end service. If you don’t, as your site is only static files, then you can probably get by with free hosting tiers from the following:

If you do need a back-end, netlfiy can run it with some limitations, but has a free tier. Other free tiers are Google’s App Engine, which can also be a super cheap hosting provider for even more complex apps.

If you need freedom of an Iaas (infastructure as a service) any of the three cloud providers are there, and Digital Ocean.

Paas (platform as a service) offerings are available from all three major cloud providers, and heroku, but usually cost more, but are easier to use.

Lots of choices out there, but it really depends on what you need for your own app. :smile:

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